About Us

Why Art?

We believe that art is an essential component of a truly radiant and joyful health culture.

We envision a culture (lifestyle, habits, values) that supports you through the vicissitudes of life while entraining your resilience in the face of your dynamically changing needs.

Art, and specifically The Art of Moving (dance, yoga), The Art of Self-Expression (singing, drawing) and The Art of Nourishment (organic, living food) are at the heart of all of our retreats

The Art of Being is proud to offer you transformational experiences to inspire your mind, body, heart and soul.

Our retreats are therapeutic, educational, expressive and fun! Through our creative and diverse activities, you will be facilitated into connection with your true health potential and guided in the creation of a personal and sustainable wellness culture.

Who We Are

Two women who share a fervent passion for wellbeing! 

Despite our unique stories, we are both survivors of serious illness and today, we are thriving and have a common lust for radiant living. We also believe that each of us has the ability to become the empowered guardian of our own health.  

Friends for years, we have now decided to join together to share with you our lifestyle inspirations, so that you can establish your own culture of renewable and radiant, holistic health in the context of your modern life.

We have created "The Art of Being" four-season retreat series to awaken your ability to express your full health potential every day, every week, every season and every year!


Cultivate Your Vitality!

Our Mission: Offer four seasonal retreats per year to support the creation of a renewable and sustainable culture of holistic health.

Our Slogan : Become the champion steward of your health by cultivating your vitality throughout the seasons of the year and the seasons of your life


Autumn - Harvest Your Vitality : 6 - 7 - 8 October 2017 (Yoga Salamandre)

Winter - Nourish Your Vitality: 16 - 17 - 18  February 2018 (Yoga Salamandre)

Spring - Rebirth Your Vitality: 25 - 26 - 27 May 2018 (TBA)

Summer - Celebrate Your Vitality:  24 - 25 - 26 August 2018 (TBA)


No upcoming events.

Specials for the Holidays!

Offer yourself a Big Present & save on the Art of Being Re-Treat!

Until December 18th, 2017, benefits from the generosity of the holidays

🎁Buy the first retreat & save 100$*
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🎁🎁Buy the two retreats (February and May) & save 200$*
Total: 900$ instead of 1,100$

🎁🎁🎁Buy the three retreats (February, May and August) & save 300$*
Total: 1,350$ instead of 1,650$

🎁🎁🎁🎁Buy the four retreats (February, May, August and October) & save 400$*
Total: 1,800$ instead of 2,200$

*on the regular price before the 18th of December 2017

Details & Prices

PAYMENTS By E-interact info@rawmarketing.ca ou d.denichaud@gmail.com By Paypal (+3%) PayPal.Me/RawMarketingInc By Event Brite (+3%) https://artdetre.eventbrite.com/

Winter - Nourish Your Vitality


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(+3% by paypal) 550$ (Regula price)
  500$ (Early Birds) (BEFORE December 21)

Spring - Rebirth Your Vitality


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(+3% by paypal) 550$ (Regula price)
  500$ (Early Birds) (BEFORE March 21st)

Summer - Celebrate Your Vitality


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(+3% by paypal) 550$ (Regula price)
   500$ (Early Birds) (BEFORE June 21st)

Holistic Catalysts

Danielle Denichaud

A Contagious Passion for Health and Vitality!
I am passionate about a lifestyle that is truly nourishing for holistic health. One that delights the senses while supporting resilience in the face of the challenges of daily, modern life. For me, this all starts with food. Since I was a little girl, I have delighted over how the myriad of colours, tastes and textures of food affects how I feel, act and even think. Even after living through and surviving ten years of digestive and intestinal illness coupled with over fifteen food sensitivities and two auto-immune conditions, I have not lost my love or curiosity for food and continue to research, experiment and share inspirations to support a thriving culture of food joy, holistic health and vitality.
My mission? To promote that which I truly believe : sustainable and renewable holistic health for everyone. By holistic, I am referring to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. In my professional practice, I help my clients accurately interpret and understand their symptoms in order to cooperatively find lasting solutions to current imbalances. With an earnest respect for everyone’s unique needs and unique journey, I support the authentic development of individual health and wellness autonomy.
In order to facilitate a more accurate interpretation of individual needs, as well as to broaden my analytical filters, I am trained and active in several areas of complementary professional expertises:

  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist with CSNN and CAHN-Pro
  • Health Educator and Blogger (notably for Maisonjacynthe.ca)
  • Kundalini and Ashtanga Yoga Instructor for youth and adults
  • Teacher Trainer in Health Preservation, Health Autonomy
  • Life Coach and Meditation Guide 
  • Rehabilitative Coach in Functional Movement
  • Professional Dancer and Teacher of modern, contemporary and ballet 

360° Approach
These various skills allow me to prepare personalized and synergistic wellness plans to accompany my clients towards realistically achieving and maintaining radiant health.
My 360° approach integrates:

  • Food Choice and Food Culture
  • Stress Management
  • Lifestyle Adjustments
  • Psychological and Emotional Support through Illness Management

For children, elders, mothers, students, professional athletes and sufferers of chronic illness: I truly aim to consider the unique context of everyone’s life and carefully prepare recommendations that are adapted to specific abilities and needs.
A Path Inspired by Personal Challenges
My professional life began as a contemporary dancer, after travelling and performing internationally for 8 years I was forced to quit due to various health reasons. I suffered from digestive, intestinal and endocrine disorders, over 15 food sensitivities, addiction, anxiety and depression. It felt as though I was broken, inside and out.
Over the course of seven years I healed myself of all disorders, sensitivities, and illness by studying and trying a diverse range of alternative health approaches, including: Macrobiotics, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Symptomatology, Food Psychology and Gut Therapy. These methodologies literally changed my health by showing me my path towards wellbeing and vitality. In my professional work as a Holistic Health Consultant, I draw upon the wisdom of these practices, as well as a growing number of others, including: Mineral Balancing Therapy, Five Element Theory, Spiritual Permaculture, Body-Mind Therapy, Non-Violent Communication and Compassionate Inquiry.
My insatiable passion for learning is supported by the reality that I am still on my own path of healing. This is coupled with the fact that the context of modern life seems to present an ever increasing barrage of challenges to individual vitality and collective wellbeing.

Nutritious Living and Delighted Palette : It’s all about Creativity
I am convinced that it is possible to thrive despite and inspite of the necessity to limit what we are able to put in our fridges and safely into our bodies. There is joy to be found in every meal, no matter how simple or complicated it can feel at times.
I believe the ability to sustain hope and enthusiasm in the face of illness, frustration and confusion over how to nourish ourselves and our loved ones, begins with curiosity and education.
The act of eating is the most intimate thing a human does in their lives. What we eat literally becomes who and what we are, the very tissues of our beautiful bodies, hearts and minds.
Become curious about what your body is asking for, what does it desire most for and from you?  How do you respond to your body’s cries for nourishment each and every day?Is it just food your body needs? How about Movement? Laughter? Play? Stillness?How about your heart and mind? Do they also receive nourishment through our food?Can love, compassion, and forgiveness be found in a plate of vegetables and eaten with gratitude? Is their nourishment in silence and/or amongst the company of friends?
I heartily wish to awaken your appetite to the buffet of health possibilities that live deep within you. They are waiting to be discovered, tasted and celebrated!
So I invite you to get curious about what it means to truly nourish your Holistic Self so that you can experience your truly Radiant Health!

In Respect and Gratitude,Danielle Denichaud  RHN, RYT, BA

Reina Hallab

Passionate, Intuitive and Magnetic.

Reina radiants enthusiasm, expertise and confidence in all that she does. Living from a place of tireless inspiration, she possesses a rare sensitivity to the needs of others and is able to stimulate an individual’s hidden potential with almost uncanny accuracy. She guides others towards the realisation of their true potential with a gentle yet firm determination.

Using a truly holistic approach, Reina demonstrates how healthy food choices positively benefit the body, the mind and the soul, as well as support the vitality of the planet. 

Practicing what she preaches, she lives from a place of authenticity and integrity.She is guided by the wisdom of the following mantra:

Life, is a delicious meal, prepared with organic ingredients, wrapped in love and given from the Universe. Before unwrapping this delight, be sure to read the label.This contains:Pure Love, Freedom of Being, Self-Respect, Self-Love, Self-Appreciation, Dignity, An Abundance of Happiness, Positive Moments, Incredible Synchronicity and Strong Intuition.

She masterfully and artfully organizes and orchestrates small to large-scale workshops and events. Intuitively knowing the hidden power of each participant, she encourages them to challenge their limited beliefs and aim for new heights of self-discovery and self-expression.
She is an intuitive healer, having completed the following professional trainings:

Reina is also an accomplished dancer, having participated in numerous choreographies in the styles of contemporary dance, belly dance and oriental dance amongst others.
A passionate learner, she has pursued continued learning in other social dances, such as Tango, Salsa, Meringue, Bachata and others, as well as attended extended trainings in meditation and yoga here in Canada and abroad.

She is also a trained conference facilitator, having recently completed her diploma at the school of  L'Art de la conférence.

She shares her passion for health and holistic wellbeing for mind, body and soul through the many events, workshops and conferences that she organizes.

Founder of Raw Marketing Producer of Natural Medicine for Mind, Body & Spirit and Expo Pure Santé et Bien-Être - Pure Wellness Expo  Organiser of Self-Discovery Retreats (most recently in Costa Rica)  Thrive Pure Life Blogger at Raw Love Recipes by La Reina

Intuitive Healer at  Raw Healing in Montreal and Lebanon


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